Successful Investing: It’s Easier Than You Think

3 Tips to Start You on Your New Financial Journey…Anyone Can Do It

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash
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I had allowed a controlling person to control my money, and watched him use it against me.

Of course, wearing dresses made from factory remnants rankled me. I longed to be graceful and feminine, like the other girls. But my parents told us we were different, that we didn’t belong in this country. We came from the Middle Kingdom and were superior humans. It never made sense to me why we were here if China was so much better. But in America, there was money. We could never be rich in China. I was confused, but I did what my parents wanted — I helped the family and earned money. That was my sole purpose.

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Never put money in anything you don’t understand.

My investment journey is just beginning, but so far I can report excitement, satisfaction, and more than a little pride. My goal was to earn $100 a day; I have already doubled that. Can I quit my job and retire? No, but successful investing gives me a sense of power and control all working moms sorely need, especially these days. And extra money is always welcome — after all, my nine-year-old son needs the best skate equipment for the skate park. And who knows where this all will go!

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Proud mom of two, lawyer trying to help working moms achieve work-life balance, legal innovator

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