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  • Bobby Powers

    Bobby Powers

    Voracious reader | Awakening writer | Passionate about helping people become better leaders & learners | Visit me at BobbyPowers.net

  • Valeriano Donzelli (Vale)

    Valeriano Donzelli (Vale)

    Storyteller | Inspirer | Leader | Peaceful Warrior. Passionate about Leadership, Communication, Human Connections, and Spiritual Life.

  • H R Venkatesh

    H R Venkatesh

    Journalism Fellow @JSKstanford | Hacks/Hackers Delhi & NetaData | Alum: CUNY, Oxford, SIMC,

  • Loryn Chen

    Loryn Chen

    Product Designer @uber

  • Jonathan Albright

    Jonathan Albright

    Professor and researcher in news, journalism, and #hashtags. Award-nominated data journalist. Media, communication, and technology.

  • May Pang

    May Pang

    Here to help you explore connection — with others and yourself.💙Mailing-list: https://maypang.substack.com/💗email: maeyalily@gmail.com

  • Krystal Wascher

    Krystal Wascher

    Attorney with a dozen side hustles.

  • MWMcCabe


    Comic Book Writer ✨ Creator of THE THREE: King David’s Mighty Men… follow to watch the story UNFOLD online!

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